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Make-a-Flake Snowflake Maker

Welcome to Barkley's Make-a-Flake. View the gallery of snowflakes, or make your own. Continue Reading

Online MP3 Cutter - Cut Songs, Make Ringtones

Audio Cutter is an online app that can be used to cut audio tracks right in your browser. Fast and stable, with over 300 supported file formats, fade in and fade out ... Continue Reading

Trump reportedly wants to cut cultural programs that make ...

Trump reportedly wants to cut cultural programs that make up 0.02 percent of federal spending Continue Reading

Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Out Models - Free at

These Paper Models Are In Production. We'll make these and add them to the site as we have time: Crab Nebula, Buick Riviera, Camero, Citroen DS, Corvette Stingray ... Continue Reading

cut (Unix) - Wikipedia

$cut -d ":"-f 5- file quux five:six:seven epsilon:zeta:eta:theta:iota:kappa:lambda:mu the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Continue Reading

Cut Flower Preservative Recipes – About - ThoughtCo

It's easy and economical to make your own cut flower preservative and keep your flowers beautiful much longer than if you simply filled a vase with water. Continue Reading

Cheap petrol: fuel efficiency tips & comparison – MSE

Step 1: Make your car more fuel-efficient Keep your tyres inflated Fuel efficiency improvement: Up to 3%. Lower tyre pressure increases the drag on a car, meaning you ... Continue Reading

Make - definition of make by The Free Dictionary

make (māk) v. made (mād), mak·ing, makes 1. To cause to exist or happen; bring about; create: made problems for us; making a commotion. 2. To bring into ... Continue Reading - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL

Welcome to TinyURL!™ Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Continue Reading

Crossword Puzzle Games - Create Puzzles

Create A Crossword Puzzle. Enter up to 20 words and hints (clues) below to create your own puzzles. There's no need to use all 20 words, you could use as little as two. Continue Reading