2016 Mercedes-Benz S Class Maybach

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz S Class Maybach has
distinguished features which not only differentiates this
machine from just any model out there but also makes it
fulfill the needs of any discerning client worldwide. It is a
new sub brand in the Mercedes Benz brand world, providing
prestige to customers who value status.


2016 Mercedes Benz S600 The exclusive
interior design features truly offer the essence of modern
luxury. The interior details fulfills its supremely refined
elegance and power. Its refined materials, stylish controls
and clear architecture gives it a sense of elegance.The
exclusive trim package increases the sense of perceived value
especially in the rear of the vehicle. The seats are
surrounded with handcrafted fine wood trim.

The door panels  are made of leather at shoulder
height,chrome plated grilles, fiber optic cable for ambient
lighting on the armrest side. These features combined offer
an affluent atmosphere inside the vehicle. The interior
section is also very spacious. The wheel bars have been
extended 200 meters apart to provide more comfort and space.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class


The outstanding exterior features include the Maybach sign
mounted on the lid of the boot. Double trim in the air intake
and the bottom end piece of the bumpers, subtle vertical
chrome trim, and chrome double louvers in the bottom section
of the bumper which gives it a perfect finishing touch, and
emphasize elegance and high quality. The vehicle is 5,453 mm
long, 207 mm longer than the S-Class and its wheel base is



The 2016 Mercedes-Benz S Class Maybach
 comes with 2 types of engine: the V8 and V 12 with 4
The V12 can produce a torque of 830 NM in 1900 revolutions
per minute given a displacement of 5980cc. It has a power
output of 530 KW. Its fuel consumption is as low as 8.9
litres (2US gal) in 100 km ( 60 miles) covered. It has a top
speed of 250km/h (155 mph) though it is electronically

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz S Class Maybach
has the ability to produce a sprint of 100km/h or 0-60 mph in
5 seconds only. The engine uses premium petrol and the carbon
dioxide emissions are just 207 grams per kilometer. Its
specifications include a dedicated ignition coil with a
multispark ignition system,a low temperature coolant circuit
built with a reservoir,an aluminum crankcase a forged
crankshaft and many other features.
The V8 generates a power output of 335KW with a displacement
of 4663cc. It can produce a torque of 700NM. The fuel
consumption is also 8.9 litres for every 100 kilometers of

Release date and Price

This Epitome of exclusivity model is to be launched in the
market in February 2015 and will be available in the market
from June 2015. Price of 2016 Mercedes-Benz
 S Class Maybach
  on German market will
start from  134.000 Euro (151.000 US Dollars).